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for wind ensemble





After a 45 minute rehearsal with the composer and a short break, a full performance begins at 59:40.

"for Kelsey Burch and all those affected by cancer"

“Stages” is a piece for Kelsey Burch, a Fairfax County (VA) band director who who was dealing with Stage 4 colon cancer. For those who know Kelsey, you know that she miraculously went into remission last summer. And then the cancer came back, much more aggressively this time. While the original intent was to premiere the piece at Midwest 2021 with the Fairfax Wind Symphony, Kelsey had unfortunately received news about her prognosis – that she had about a month left. And while she had heard the mock-up, she was certainly sad that she wouldn't be able to hear it live. Well... the JMU Wind Symphony (coincidentally both my and Kelsey’s alma mater) jumped on board to premiere the piece via live-stream for Kelsey, her friends and family - as well as all those whose lives have been touched by cancer. Kelsey was alert and able to watch the rehearsal and performance on Monday April 26, 2020.  By the following day, she was largely unresponsive and, on May 2nd, Kelsey passed away surrounded by family.

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