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In addition to composing and conducting, I often enjoy sitting down at the piano and performing. While I did not formally study piano (I am a trumpet player), it brings me great joy to sit down and just play whatever comes to mind. Here are a few examples. Enjoy!


Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella (2013)


This was my first "planned" arrangement. While all the other videos on this page are improvised, I planned the piano arrangement first, then built the rhythm section and strings around the arrangement. I happened to be in Indianapolis doing a recording session for another project, but anticipated that I may have a little time left over. So I wrote the rhythm section and string parts on the plane - everything on this video is one take. When I returned home, I wore headphones and took video of myself playing along with the original recording - that allowed me to change the video perspective. Not perfect, but this was definitely a lot of fun. Enjoy!


Lyrical Ramblings (the "first one") (2011)


This was my very first recorded video back in 2011. It was an impromptu project following another recording session that ended early. All the music is improvised on the spot - this represents one of the ways I compose. I often will just sit down at the piano and play for a while. Sometimes a great idea comes out and I can notate it on paper. Other times, it just helps release some of the tension inside of me (as music does for many of us). 

O Holy Night (2011)


Later in 2011, I put out a note on social media asking for suggestions for a holiday carol that I would use to improvise an arrangement. "O Holy Night" was a clear favorite and so, I took about 10 minutes after a recording session and played this. As with the other videos, I have never notated this music. I just enjoy playing it as it comes out of me on the spot.

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